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Demystifying AI with Dmitriy Khots of Notified

On Tuesday, March 26, Notified's VP of Strategic Analytic Insight, Dmitriy Khots, is headlining AIM Institute's Thought Leadership Mixer in Omaha, Nebraska – and it’s FREE to attend!

He’ll be discussing artificial intelligence and its applications for investor relations and public relations teams, how to work through buzzwords and removing fears while managing risk. You can still register here.

Dmitriy is no stranger to the world of AI. Having recently graced the stage as a guest speaker at Google's Generative AI Day, his insights and expertise are in high demand.

Here's why you should attend if you’re in the area. You’ll learn more about:

  • Decoding the AI Buzzword: Dmitriy will be your guide, explaining what AI really is and what it's not. No industry jargon, just clear and actionable insights.

  • Conquering Your AI Fears: Learn how to manage risks and navigate the world of AI with confidence.

  • How AI is Revolutionizing IR and PR: Discover how Notified is using AI responsibly and ethically to disrupt the IR and PR industries.

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