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Notified Joins Google at Generative AI Day

Last month, I was honored to represent Notified at Google’s Generative AI Day at Kiewit in Omaha, Nebraska! The event focused on AI applications in cybersecurity and the importance of safely using emerging technology.

Google invited me to speak about our generative AI use cases here at Notified, as we are a pioneer in the actual deployment of such tools - in case you missed it, our recent headlines include the AI Press Release Generator, our Smart Press Release Solutions patent and “PR Innovation of the Year” at the 2023 Stevie American Business Awards. 

I had such an amazing time - it was an incredible day of speakers, product demos, networking and more. I even got to meet a TV star!  

Keep reading to learn some of the key takeaways from this important event.

Notified at Google Generative AI Day


Key Takeaways From Google Generative AI Day

After attending the event, it’s clear that Google is making it a priority to drive generative AI usage across their entire product portfolio.  

For the users of their Workspace product, they have a new generative AI tool called Duet AI which does some amazing things - from email content generation, to images and even entire presentations (as well as automated data analytics). 

And when it came to the keynotes, one of my favorite speeches was by a Shark Tank regular, Croatian-Canadian entrepreneur and investor Robert Herjavec (pictured above) who is also CEO of a large cybersecurity firm Cyderes 

Robert spoke about AI applications in cybersecurity - which is also a key priority for us here at Notified. Within the industry, there have been concerns about inappropriate use of AI and its safety within publicly available Large Language Models (LLMs) - for example, ChatGPT. 

This is especially near and dear to the hearts of public relations and investor relations pros, and this is why we at Notified participate in industry forums to discuss these matters and deploy AI responsibly. For example: In our AI press release generator, we ensure that all non-public information used during the drafting process is kept secure. The content is treated with the same level of security as all GlobeNewswire press releases. 

Moving forward, we will continue working with leading technology partners (including Google) to explore potential applications of AI across our product suite and do so in an ethical way. This supports our mission to empower corporate storytellers with the tools, technology and expertise to tell powerful brand stories.

I had such a great time at Generative AI Day in Omaha. Thanks again to Google for having me - and stay tuned for more exciting developments here at Notified!

Notified at Google Generative AI Day

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Dmitriy Khots
Dmitriy Khots
Dmitriy is VP of Strategic Analytic Insight at Notified and oversees corporate data strategy, governance, engineering, management, BI, AI and ML services as well as back-office engineering. He serves on the advisory board for the Oklahoma State University Business Analytics & Data Science Program and Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp Program. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Iowa.


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