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Are Press Releases Still Relevant in 2024?

Press releases have long been a staple in public relations, helping companies share their latest stories. However, in the digital age, their effectiveness has been debated.

Do companies still need press releases?

The answer is a resounding “YES.” The trustworthy press release is alive and kicking in 2024. 

Releases continue to be a vital tool in corporate communications, providing a special mix of control, audience reach and credibility you can't find anywhere else. 

Here are five reasons why press releases are still incredibly important. 


5 Reasons Why Press Releases Are Still Relevant

1. Writing a Press Release Helps Get Key Players on the Same Page

When it comes to crafting a press release, it's not a one-person job. It’s a team effort that involves multiple departments, all helping to amplify the story you are telling.  

You've got your executives, who bring big-picture strategy and vision. Then there's the marketing and PR team, who know how to package and promote the message effectively.  

And let's not forget the subject matter experts - they're the ones who really know the ins and outs of whatever you're announcing. 

Getting these groups on the same page is crucial. Everyone needs to understand and agree on what the story is all about - the main message it's trying to get across, how it's positioning the company or product and what goals it's aiming to achieve.  

This collaboration ensures that when the press release goes out into the world, it's clear, consistent and speaks with one voice. 

2. Journalists Depend on Press Releases

Even with the increase in using social media to share news, press releases are still a go-to for journalists hunting down stories. 

That’s because a good press release is a treasure trove of valuable information - it gives journalists the verified, correct details they need to craft a story that grabs attention. Press releases can also include fully branded multimedia assets (e.g. Media Snippets) to give reporters everything they need to quickly write their story. 

With essential details and ready-made quotes at their fingertips, reporters can spend more time brainstorming creative angles that will resonate with their audience. 

3. The Distribution of a Press Release Is Usually the Start of a Larger Campaign 

Press releases are like the spark that ignites a fire in the world of marketing and communications. 

Sure, they're valuable on their own - but their real power lies in what comes next. They're not just a standalone tool - they're the source of truth and typically the most visible element of an entire campaign. 

Take social media, for example. Once a release is distributed, it can be used as fuel for social campaigns. And let's not forget about email marketing. Press releases can be the centerpiece of emails, giving subscribers all the latest news straight to their inboxes. 

But don't stop there. Take a press release and run with it. Turn it into blog posts, videos, infographics - you name it. The more formats you can tell your story in, the wider your audience reach.

4. Press Releases Foster Communication with Audiences Beyond the Media

Press releases aren't just for journalists - they're for everyone who needs to know what's going on. That means customers, partners, investors and other important stakeholders. 

And it's not just about getting the word out - it's about building brand awareness while building relationships. 

Press releases might seem old-school, but when it comes to boosting our online visibility and drumming up business, they're still one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox. 

5. Press Releases Build Trust and Improve Credibility

Press releases allow companies to control the narrative around their business, building trust and improving credibility.  

Releases establish your organization as a trustworthy information source, provide accurate information and demonstrate transparency – especially during times of crisis. 

And when distributed through a newswire service (such as GlobeNewswire) that securely authenticates press release senders, journalists and stakeholders can count on the accuracy and authenticity of the information. 

While the tools and tactics of communications may continue to evolve, one thing is for certain: press releases are here to stay.  

They're not just a residue of the past - they're the backbone of effective corporate storytelling in the digital age and beyond. 

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