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Introducing: GlobeNewswire AI Press Release Generator

We’re proud to announce our newest feature within GlobeNewswire, the leading press release distribution provider. Introducing the AI press release generator, helping you to streamline content creation and remove worry!

Writing a press release from scratch can be daunting and tedious, especially if you’re short on time. GlobeNewswire’s AI press release generator takes away worry and helps you securely draft a release like a pro, streamlining content creation so you can go straight to distribution.

A Focus on Security

Notified offers generative AI capabilities using Open AI via Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Through our private cloud tenant, we ensure that all non-public information used during the drafting process is kept secure.

The submitted content is treated with the same level of security as all GlobeNewswire press releases.

“Our investments in generative AI are helping to fulfill our mission of making it easy to create and share powerful stories with the world,” said Jeff Stacey, VP of Product Management at Notified. “While there is no substitute for the skills needed to craft compelling stories, producing an early draft using generative AI will help PR professionals focus on polishing and positioning the narrative.”



How Does the GlobeNewswire AI Press Release Generator Work?

The GlobeNewswire press release generator is a smart press release solution that uses artificial intelligence to draft content based on starter information that you provide. The generative AI content is treated with the same level of security as all GlobeNewswire releases.

Save time during critical news moments by quickly and securely drafting, finalizing, distributing and measuring your press releases - all within the trusted Notified PR Platform.

Step 1: Inspire

Give GlobeNewswire a summary of the details you want it to take into consideration. Provide a headline idea, storylines, topics to avoid mentioning – if relevant - and company quotes.



Step 2: Refine

Once draft content is generated based on your inputs, it’s time to review and refine your press release! Review the headline, sub-headline, point of origin and body copy – including contact details.


Step 3: Verify

Verify the output and preview your press release across desktop, mobile and tablet views. You may email the draft or download a PDF copy to share for review, then confirm your review of the contents of your release.



Step 4: Distribute

Once your press release has been drafted, refined and verified, distribute and share your news with media, authors and consumers worldwide! Choose from more than 1,000 newslines to target your news by geography, industry and media type.



Step 5: Measure

Use our Newswire Analytics reports to get comprehensive metrics on reach, access, social engagement and visibility. Our dashboards tell you where your release went, who saw it and what action they took after reading it—details that can help you understand the impact of your news and fine-tune future communications.

Pro Tip: You can also use the press release generator to develop suggestions for future GlobeNewswire press releases!



GlobeNewswire is the first newswire service to offer generative AI – making it the easiest way to create press releases and share them using one of the world's largest distribution networks.

Why Choose GlobeNewswire?

There are many AI content tools out there – but this is the only one connected to one of the world's largest press release distribution networks.

GlobeNewswire’s press release generator is fully integrated within the Notified PR Platform – you can go directly from press release drafting and distribution to analytics and have access to the GlobeNewswire editorial team with 24/7/365 support and translation services when required.

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