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Webinar Recap: How AI Can Make PR Easier

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining a panel discussion hosted by Notified and PRWeek that showcased how artificial intelligence (AI) can make public relations easier. 

Generative AI has become a game-changer across industries, and PR pros are excited about the possibilities - but many show hesitancy to dive in and use AI tools to their full potential. 

Our webinar (with Garland Harwood and Michael Kaye) educated PR pros and featured tips for using generative AI for written/visual content and media relations while including best practices for prompt writing. 

While you can watch the full webinar on demand, here were some of the top takeaways from the discussion - featuring data from our upcoming report!


Top 5 Takeaways From AI-Powered PR: How AI Can Make Your Job Easier

  1. 71% of PR pros say crafting press releases is more effective with AI. Adopting AI tools could be a pivotal strategy for modernizing PR practices.

  2. You can use AI like a thesaurus on steroids when it comes to copy that isn’t working for you.  An example prompt: “Give me 20 vastly different variations of this paragraph, making them as unique in style as possible.” OR instead of vastly different, say “don’t make them drastically different - just stylistically different and label each style.” This way you’ll see variations in formal academic style, casual conversational style, business style, technical style, journalistic style, etc.

  3. 49% of PR pros say the creation of visual material can be done better with AI, suggesting a shift in industry perception. To develop the strongest prompts for AI, tell the tool how you want it to behave including persona that it’s writing from and/or to, formatting, sources, etc. Creative and strategic thinking is critical for getting good results. It's helpful to have someone on the team who is responsible for ensuring the AI is trained for your brand voice and goals, or those of your clients. AI requires a human touch and expertise to keep content accurate and engaging.

  4. Use AI to start an FAQ or internal Q&A document. For example: “What are the 20 most likely and toughest questions a reporter will ask about an AI-based mental health tool?” You can also prompt for answers to these questions for inspiration, but don’t cut and paste the copy.  

  5. Use AI to embrace divergent thinking in planning. For example: “What PR strategies might the 10 most beloved brands in the world use to launch a kitchen gadget?” That will instantly list off how Apple, Amazon, Disney, LEGO, Nike, and others might approach your launch - which might push you in a direction you haven’t considered. 

We hope these takeaways help you when it comes to your PR communications, and we invite you to watch the full discussion to get all the insights!


Our Commitment to Ethical AI

I also want to share more about how Notified views AI technology.

We are committed to an ethical, AI-enabled future that prioritizes safety and security. Machine learning and generative AI are fundamentally changing the way we do business and are having a profound impact across the public relations and investor relations industries. 

We believe in the power of AI to drive growth by automating processes, improving efficiencies, amplifying human creativity and delivering meaningful insights.

This means both PR and IR pros will be able to do more - driving productivity and scale. And with more meaningful insights at their fingertips, they can make better decisions and drive higher impact.   

To learn more, check out the GlobeNewswire AI Press Release Generator and read about our recent PR patent. 

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