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Our Commitment to AI Education: Supporting the Mark Cuban AI Bootcamps

You never know where the next Larry Page and Sergey Brin is going to come from! 

Today, there is so much opportunity for young people who have an understanding of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) - but there is also a major shortage of people who possess this critical AI knowledge.

That’s why Notified is proud to empower the next generation of technology leaders by supporting the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamps. These bootcamps provide underserved high school students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI.

Drawing from my experience as Vice President of Strategic Analytic Insight, I’ve had the distinct honor of contributing to the program’s curriculum – designed to teach participants how they can interact with AI in their own lives, the ethical implications of AI systems and how to build their own AI applications – as part of the program’s Curriculum Advisory Board. 

Notified also supports the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamps by providing access to GlobeNewswire’s AI-powered press release generator and distribution services to aid the foundation in promoting its program locally and recruiting new students. 

And later this year, we’ll also lead two bootcamps in El Segundo, CA and Portland, OR to further help students cultivate new skills.

But this isn’t my first time working with the Mark Cuban Foundation. In fact, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer my time to this great cause before.


Getting Involved at the Program's Inception

I first connected with the Mark Cuban Foundation at the beginning of the program in early 2020.

At the time, they had only had a few bootcamps, and were looking to scale out the program. 

Since getting involved, the program has grown from less than 10 camps to almost 30, teaching 600+ students about the wonders of AI. And now, I’m formally part of the advisory board and have also recruited some of my amazing colleagues to join me as mentors!

Notified and the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamps

The Bootcamps

Over a series of four Saturday sessions, the students begin learning new skills with the support of mentors and begin preparing their own capstone project. And on the first day, Mark Cuban himself gives an introduction to all camps via video - it’s always a treat to see how this motivates the students!

At the conclusion of each bootcamp, I’m always so impressed by the amazing projects these students create. In just a month’s time, they’re building real AI applications.

But even if they don’t have the most successful capstone project, each student learns about the basics of AI, plus how computers read, hear and see.

And now, with the advent of ChatGPT, we are refactoring the curriculum to learn about generative AI and prompt engineering, too!

Notified and the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamps


Notified and the Mark Cuban AI Bootcamps

Today, Notified contributes to the bootcamps in several ways: 

  • This fall, we’ll be hosting two bootcamps - one in Portland and one in El Segundo.

  • In addition to providing access to the Notified PR Platform and financial support, Notified teams have combined to contribute 150+ volunteer hours for the bootcamps.

AI is everywhere now - in our social media apps, in our cars and other electronics. We want to give students, who otherwise are very unlikely to have an opportunity like this, the chance to learn about this technology and to fully realize their potential!

Learn More About the AI Bootcamps

To learn more about the Mark Cuban Foundation’s AI Bootcamp program, check out their official site.

And to learn more about the Notified PR Platform and our own AI-powered PR technology, visit our website today.

Dmitriy Khots
Dmitriy Khots
Dmitriy is VP of Strategic Analytic Insight at Notified and oversees corporate data strategy, governance, engineering, management, BI, AI and ML services as well as back-office engineering. He serves on the advisory board for the Oklahoma State University Business Analytics & Data Science Program and Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp Program. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Iowa.