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How To Write a Press Release for a Product Launch

Launching a new product or solution? To ensure it gets the attention it deserves, creating an effective press release is essential.

Your release should be a key part of your public relations strategy. An engaging press release will help you create buzz, draw media attention and, ultimately, increase both consumer interest and sales.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of how to write a press release for your next product launch.



How To Write a Press Release for a Product Launch: Important Guidelines to Follow

The way you introduce your new product to the world can greatly influence its success. Your press release serves as your brand's voice, communicating the essence of your innovations.

Here are some key guidelines to help you create a product launch press release that informs and engages your audience.

Guidelines to keep in mind before writing your product launch press release:

  • Publish a press release only if it’s a truly newsworthy launch or update.

  • Think like a journalist; they crave compelling stories that resonate with their audience. Your press release should provide all the necessary details and serve as the source of truth.

  • Facilitate the reporter's work by providing a comprehensive release that has all the key elements of a complete story: facts, stats, quotes, names, dates and more. Offer journalists a ready-made, headline-worthy story kit for easy reporting.

  • Avoid fancy language and extravagant promotion. Write in a straightforward way to convey your message powerfully to journalists and readers.

  • Create an attention-grabbing headline. If you can't craft an intriguing headline, you might not have newsworthy content.

  • Avoid industry jargon. Eliminate it from your press releases. Explain things as if you're talking to a fifth grader. Even if your target is industry experts, use short, simple sentences and plain language.

It's also important to submit your press release under embargo. This lets you to set a specific date for stories to run and gives journalists extra time to construct compelling articles.

How To Write a Press Release for an Event: Key Elements to Include

When writing a product launch press release, here are 11 key elements to include:

  1. Logo. The company logo should be aligned to the top of the document, typically justified to the right side.

  2. Embargo. The embargo statement is usually placed at the top of a press release before the headline or below the company logo. It shows whether the business wants the press release to be published immediately or later.

  3. Contact Information. Add your contact information at the top left side of the press release. This typically consists of the contact’s name and title, company name, phone number, email address, and website address. By including this information thoughtfully, you can make it easier for journalists to engage with your press release.
  1. Captivating Headline. Since the headline is the first thing people notice, it’s important to make it attention-grabbing and informative. Use strong, action-oriented language that conveys the essence of your product. If possible, keep it under 100 characters as shorter headlines tend to be more effective.

  2. Sub-Headline (Optional). A sub-headline should complement the headline and provide additional context or information about the product. It's a tool for guiding the reader and ensuring they grasp the significance and uniqueness of your product or solution.

  3. Dateline and Lead Paragraph [Intro Paragraph]. Start the press release with the city, state and date of the release followed by a lead paragraph that summarizes the date of launch and the important details of the product.
  1. Provide Launch Details [Paragraph 2]. In the subsequent paragraphs, delve into the additional details of the product. Be sure to highlight what makes your product newsworthy. It should answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.

  2. More Product Details [Paragraph 3]. Highlight the key features and benefits of your product and explain how it addresses the needs of your audience.

    Focus on the most persuasive data, such as evidence, statistics, anticipated sales/downloads/views, customer base and audience size.

    Giving additional information about the product can enhance the media's ability to craft a story about the pitch. If possible, highlight how the upcoming launch will address an unresolved issue affecting a broad audience or how it will capture the interest of many people.

    Incorporate compelling calls to action and provide relevant links – such as any pre-order links, links to purchase, etc.
  1. Quotes [Paragraph 4]. Including quotes from key figures in your company, such as the CEO or head of product, can add credibility and a human touch to your press release. These quotes should offer insights into the significance of the product and its impact on the market.

  2. Boilerplate. A boilerplate is a brief company description that provides background information about your business. It should be included at the end of the press release. Ensure it is up-to-date and concise, offering a quick snapshot of your company's mission, values and achievements.

  3. Format and Proofread. The presentation of your press release matters. Use a clean, professional format with clear headings and subheadings. Proofread your press release carefully to eliminate any grammar or spelling errors. Sloppy formatting and typos can undermine your credibility.

Knowing how to write a product launch press release is a valuable skill for any PR pro or marketer. A well-crafted release can help you generate media coverage, create consumer buzz around your product and, ultimately, drive sales.

By following the tips outlined in this blog, you can craft a compelling press release that captures the essence of your product and piques the interest of journalists and readers alike.

Once you have written your press release, you need to distribute it to journalists and news organizations. You can do this by using a press release distribution service or by sending it to journalists directly via email.

You can also promote your press release on social media channels and on your company blog/website.

Thanks for reading – and good luck with your next product launch press release

KEEP IN MIND: Journalists receive many, many press releases each day - so distinguish yours by making sure it’s clear, concise and newsworthy.

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