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How To Write a Press Release Celebrating Your Company’s Award

Your company just won a major award – congratulations! It’s a great reason to celebrate!

Sending a press release to announce an award win is a smart move. It grabs the media's attention and generates buzz about your business.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of writing a release that highlights your achievement (and share real press release examples to help inspire you).

How To Write a Press Release Celebrating Your Company's Award: Key Guidelines

When you write a press release about an award win, it's important to follow specific guidelines to make sure your story maximizes impact and reach.

Key guidelines to follow include:

  • Publishing a press release only if you have a newsworthy award win.

  • Making things easy for journalists by including all the details in your press release.
  • Using simple language, not fancy words.

  • Spending time on your headline to make it attention-grabbing.

  • Keeping it brief and making your story as concise as possible.
  • Avoiding industry jargon.
  • Submitting the press release to journalists under embargo and requesting a specific date and time for the release.

Remember to explain why the award matters and how it's important. Not all awards are interesting to everyone, but it's important to weigh the relevance and tailor your public relations strategy accordingly.

How To Write a Press Release Celebrating Your Company's Award: Formatting Tips

Here are 13 key elements you should include in your press release:

  1. Logo. The usual placement for your company logo is at the top of the document, aligned to the right and justified.

  2. Embargo. Typically, the embargo statement is placed either above the headline or below the company logo at the top of a press release. It indicates whether your business wants the press release to be published immediately or later.

  3. Contact Information. Include your contact details on the upper left-hand side. This usually consists of the contact's name and title, company name, phone number, email address and website address.

  4. Headline and Subheadline. The headline is the first thing that catches the reader's eye, so make it’s powerful and attention-grabbing! Use concise language to communicate the essence of your award win. A subheadline should complement the headline and provide additional context or information about the name of the company, award and recipient.

  5. Strong Lead Paragraph. The first paragraph should give more details about the award mentioned in the headline. It should summarize key information such as who gave the award, who received it and why.

  6. Compelling Lead Paragraph [Paragraph 2]. This paragraph gives more details about the award won. It answers questions such as who gave the award, what it's called, when it was announced or given, where it happened and why you received it.

  7. Context and Background [Paragraph 3]. In the next paragraph, provide background about the award and why winning it matters. Explain what the award is about, its criteria and past winners. This helps readers understand why your win is important.

  8. Achievements [Paragraph 4]. Use this paragraph to spotlight your achievements and what made you win the award. Talk about special projects or innovations with examples and numbers.

  9. Quotes. Add quotes from the award recipient, company leaders or team members who played a significant role in achieving the award. This adds a personal touch and shows the human side of your business.

  10. Multimedia. Add images, videos or infographics (Media Snippets) to break up the text and make the press release more visually appealing. This helps bring your story to life!

  11. The Impact. Explain the significance of the award and how your product/service will benefit your customers or industry.  
  12. Boilerplate. End your press release with a boilerplate that includes background information about your company and the awarding organization.

  13. Proofread. Ensure your press release is free of errors and follows standard formatting guidelines.

Now, let's look at some press releases examples!

3 Press Release Examples To Inspire Your Award Announcement

Wärtsilä Awarded Prestigious Recognition by Environment+Energy Leader on Earth Day


In this example, Wärtsilä won the Top Project of the Year Award for Energy Innovation for its work on hydrogen fuel tests.

DMi Partners Wins Two 2024 US Partnership Awards For Affiliate Marketing


This press release effectively communicates DMi Partners' expertise, achievements and success with clients, making them stand out as a top affiliate marketing firm.

RetireeFirst Wins Gold Stevie Award in 2024 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service


This press release effectively tells the story of RetireeFirst winning a Gold Stevie Award, highlighting their excellence in customer service.

Thanks for reading! We hope these examples help inspire your next press release and guide your future award announcements.

BONUS TIP: You can also use the Awards and Special Achievements press release template from Notified to help craft your story!

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