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Crafting Your Story: 4 Press Release Examples To Inspire Your PR Strategy

Press release distribution continues to play a key role in an effective public relations program.

Crafting a release that tells a compelling story, grabs a journalist’s attention and gets audiences talking can be challenging. But with a few press release examples to help guide you, telling an engaging story becomes much more manageable.

In this blog post, we'll draw inspiration from four press release examples taken directly from the GlobeNewswire newsroom. We’ll analyze each one and explain what makes them stand out.

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Press Release Examples: How To Create a Compelling Headline


Toll Brothers recently published a press release that shows how to write a clear and informative headline.

The release, Toll Brothers Announces New Luxury 55+ Community Coming Soon to West Windsor Township, New Jersey, concisely puts everything a journalist would need to know right in the headline, grabbing attention and clearly communicating the story.

The subheadline also provides additional context and details about the story, emphasizing the community’s low-maintenance features, new townhome designs and resort-style amenities. This helps to further engage readers and attract them to continue reading.

The release concludes with a clear call to action, inviting interested parties to learn more about Regency at West Windsor and Toll Brothers' other New Jersey communities. This encourages readers to take the next step and engage further, ultimately driving potential leads and inquiries.

The press release is effective because it:

  • Has a clear and informative headline
  • Continues with a subheadline providing additional contexts
  • Highlights key information
  • Encourages readers to engage further with a clear call to action

Press Release Examples: The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style


This press release example, i-PRO Advocates for Responsible AI Practices in Physical Security, is a great reference for how to use the inverted pyramid writing style.

The headline effectively communicates i-PRO's advocacy for responsible AI practices in physical security, generating interest and highlighting the company's proactive stance.

The subhead provides additional context by indicating that the company has shared its Ethical Principles for AI, signaling transparency and openness in its approach.

The press release presents key points in an inverted pyramid style, with the most important information at the beginning followed by supporting details. This format ensures that readers receive the most critical information up front.

Finally, including a quote from their CEO adds credibility and personalizes the message, reinforcing i-PRO's commitment to responsible AI practices.

The above press release works effectively for several reasons:

  • It follows the inverted pyramid style, presenting the most important information first and then providing additional details.
  • The headline and subhead clearly convey the main message.
  • It addresses a timely and significant topic - the ethical use of AI in physical security.
  • A quote from the CEO adds credibility and authority.

Press Release Examples: An Executive Announcement Done Right



This press release example showcases how to effectively introduce a new executive.

The headline, Unispace Group announces new EMEA CEO appointment, is concise and attention-grabbing for journalists.

The opening paragraph announces the significant appointments within Unispace Group's EMEA division, including the new CEO, Corporate Interiors, EMEA and key additions to the EMEA leadership team. This clear and informative announcement grabs the reader's attention and communicates the main message effectively.

Also, the strategic use of images (Media Snippets) showcasing the new hires with their respective roles enhances the visual appeal and credibility of the press release, helping to humanize the story.

The above press release is effective for several reasons:

  • It’s a clear and informative announcement.
  • Quotes from key figures add credibility and authenticity to the announcement.
  • Visual elements help readers connect with the story and reinforce the key messages conveyed.

Press Release Examples: Announcing a New Product or Solution


This press release example highlights how to announce a new product or solution.

The headline, IZEA Unveils Quadra Generative Image Model in FormAI, and subhead succinctly convey the main announcement, informing readers about the launch of Quadra and its capabilities in generating high-resolution, lifelike images.

The press release presents key product information in a structured manner, covering the introduction of Quadra, technological advancements, increased image volume and ease of integration. This structured presentation enables readers to understand the significance of the announcement and its implications for influencer marketing.

The press release also answers the who, what, when, where, why and how when it comes to the product launch.

The press release concludes with a clear call to action, directing readers to visit the FormAI website for free access and follow IZEA for news and resources.

The above press release is effective because it:

  • Concisely communicates key information - features, benefits, release date and how users can access it.
  • Answers the who, what, when, where, why and how of the announcement.
  • Contains quotes that enhance the credibility of the announcement.
  • Highlights product advantages.
  • Provides a clear call to action.

10 Extra Tips To Make Your Press Releases Stand Out

By following these press release examples and implementing the best practices, your story has a better chance of catching the eyes of journalists and potentially earning coverage.

Remember - as reporters scroll through the many press releases that are issued each day, you should always:

  1. Be succinct. Try to keep your press release brief, if possible. Link to additional details if needed.

  2. Check spelling and grammar (mistakes distract the reader away from your intended message).

  3. Highlight the key point in your headline – then support that with a compelling subhead that shares another critical point. Spend some time making sure these are well written.
  1. Write in an inverted pyramid style. That means including the most important information upfront, then the points of lesser importance as the reader progresses through the release. Don’t, as they say, bury the lede!
  1. Include the who/what/when/where/why/how in your release. Be sure it answers those questions, as that’s what journalists will want to know.
  1. Include data or statistics in your press release, if you can, to make it more credible. Reporters are drawn to compelling research. Even if you can’t conduct your own research, you can cite someone else’s (provided you link to the source to give proper credit).
  1. Use bullet points and bold text to help draw the reader’s eye to what you want to stand out most. This can be an effective way to highlight essential information.
  1. Include quotes from subject matter experts to create trust with readers. Quoting an expert is a powerful way to help support your key points. Write quotes that sound like something a person would actually say, versus the standard boring quote that we often see (“We’re so excited...” or “We’re very proud...”).
  1. Avoid using overly promotional language in your press release. Ads are for selling – press releases are factual and written with the media and public stakeholders in mind.
  1. Offer visuals within your press release - GlobeNewswire’s Media Snippets can help bring your stories to life.

Following this advice can increase the success of your press release distribution and hopefully earn you more media coverage. Best of luck in creating your next release!

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