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Crafting Clickable Content: How To Write Irresistible Press Release Headlines

Engaging press release headlines play an important role in the noisy world of online information. A strong headline quickly conveys the message of your story, stopping readers in their scroll and enticing them to learn more.

Think of it this way: A gripping headline is like a magnet, pulling people into your story.

For public relations pros, a strong headline can initiate social media shares, catch the eye of journalists and drive traffic to your company or client’s website. In essence, it's the key that unlocks attention and ensures your message gets heard.

In this article, we’ll cover the following areas:

  • The key elements of compelling press release headlines
  • Top tips for writing headlines
  • Three real-world examples of engaging headlines

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What Makes a Press Release Headline Compelling?

Here are common elements of captivating headlines:

  • Timeliness and Relevance. Your press release headline is more likely to be compelling to your reader if it is relevant. If you publish the press release too early or too late, the headline likely won't be very interesting.

  • Title Length. When writing a press release headline, be sure to keep it at 10 words or fewer. A title that's the right length can capture and keep your audience's attention.

  • Usage of Active Voice. Active voice is when the subject acts upon the verb, and for press release headlines, active voice is better than passive. By using active voice, you create a tone of immediacy and encourage the viewer to continue reading.

  • Numbers and Statistics. When your press release boasts noteworthy statistics or figures, think about integrating them into the headline.

    • For example: "[Company] Achieves 200% Revenue Growth in Q3." Journalists (and consumers) may be more attracted to stories that include drastic changes or powerful results.

  • Powerful Punctuation. Utilizing punctuation in your press release headline can enhance its readability. Consider combining two sentences with a colon or substituting a comma for words like "and" or "but."

  • Strong Words in Short Headlines. Given that your headline is typically limited to 10 words or less, it's crucial to use impactful words. For instance, combining words like "exclusive," "classified" and "captivating" can improve the intrigue of your press release headline.

Whether you're an experienced in PR or just getting started, mastering this skill is key for effective storytelling.


Top Tips for Writing Clickable Press Release Headlines

Creating a press release that truly captures the essence of your news is an art, and it all starts with the headline. The headline is the gateway to your story, the first impression that can either entice or deter journalists.

Below, we share a set of valuable tips to help you write attention-grabbing headlines for your company or client:

  • Consider the Audience. Think about the identity of your target audience - what would captivate their interest? Customize your headline to resonate specifically with them.

  • Match the Content. Confirm that your headline precisely mirrors the content of your press release. Misleading headlines have the potential to harm your credibility.

  • Be Clear and Concise. Your headline should convey the main message of your press release in a clear and concise manner. Avoid jargon or overly complex language that might confuse readers.

  • Use Action Verbs. Strong action verbs add energy to your headline and make your headline more engaging. For example: Instead of saying "New product launch," try "Introducing the new ABC widget."

  • Emphasize the Key Details in Your Headline. Place the most crucial and captivating aspect of your press release within the headline. This might include a new product launch, a significant achievement or a major event.

  • Keep It Short and Sweet. Aim for a headline that's around 5-10 words. Shorter headlines are punchier and easier to digest. Use active verbs and simple language to convey your core message and create a sense of urgency. Journalists are often busy, so they're not likely to read a long headline.

  • Incorporate Keywords. To boost SEO, include relevant keywords and phrases that journalists and readers might search for online. For example: Instead of "EFG Organization hosts annual event,” try "EFG Hosts Annual Event on Sustainable Development.”

  • Create Intrigue. Engage readers' curiosity while leaving some intrigue for the full story, compelling them to delve deeper.

  • Be Unique. Try to make your headline distinctive among your competitors. Avoid cliches and worn-out phrases.

  • Be Honest. Avoid sensationalism or exaggeration. Your headline should provide an accurate representation of the press content.

  • Focus on the Benefits and Value. Emphasize the significance, relevance or uniqueness of your news and how it addresses a challenge, fulfills a requirement or unlocks potential. Your headline should answer the question: What makes people care about your news? What benefit does it offer to your intended audience or the public?

  • Avoid Hype and Superlatives. While you want your headline to be engaging, avoid exaggerated claims or hype. Stick to the facts and ensure your headline is truthful. Headline should not be sensational or misleading. Avoid using words like "best", "amazing", "guaranteed" or "breakthrough" unless you can back them up with evidence and data.

  • Use AI Writing Tools to Draft and Refine Headlines. Draft headlines using tools such as an AI press release generator, then refine the results. Tweak your headline to improve its SEO and appeal. Just remember - ALWAYS verify the content that AI tools generate.

  • Be Sure to Proofread. A well-written headline displays professionalism. Be sure to proofread your headline for typos and grammatical errors before it goes live.

By following these tips, you can write engaging press release headlines that will capture the attention of journalists and readers alike!

Real-World Examples of Engaging Press Release Headlines

And as a final tip, just remember - headlines capture interest, but content fulfills the promise. In your release, you must tell the whole, clear story that supports your headline.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips help you when writing your next press release.

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