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You’ve Written a Press Release. Now What?

Press releases play an important role in an effective public relations program.

They provide a way for companies to get the word out about their latest news. Journalists also look to press releases as a trusted way to glean accurate information from the company itself, while other audiences (such as investors) view them as a credible source of information.

Organizations will continue to leverage releases to make announcements and share their stories in their own words.

But how often does a company write a release, issue it via a wire service, and then call it a day?

Without pitching the press release to reporters, companies could be missing out on opportunities to get their news and stories featured by media outlets.

Earned media coverage builds a company’s credibility and reputation. However, it’s not as simple as blasting out an email to a list of journalists. It starts with writing an effective press release, then strategically pitching that release to the right journalists and media outlets.

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