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So, You've Hosted an Earnings Call. Now What?

Your company just rocked its earnings call. But does the work stop there? No, not yet. In fact, it's just the beginning.

As the curtain falls, investor relations teams’ step into the spotlight once again to ensure their investment story continues to resonate with stakeholders.

It therefore begs the question: How can IR teams make the most of the momentum generated from a successful earnings call?

In this helpful blog, we provide a guide for what to do post-earnings to ensure you seize every opportunity and keep the positive momentum going.

Review and Analyze Earnings Call Performance

Now, it’s time to dive into the stats on attendance, engagement and participant feedback to measure the success of your event.

Track the reach and engagement of your earnings release using tools such Newswire Analytics. Keep an eye on website visits, social media shares and media attention.

Use this data, along with website and event metrics, to refine communication strategies and better engage your investor community.

  • Evaluate Analyst Reactions. Evaluate analysts' reactions to the earnings call through reports, notes and feedback. Listen to their views and concerns to improve your performance.

  • Monitor Stock Performance. Track your stock performance post-earnings call. Check any significant changes and compare them with the messaging and guidance provided during the call.

  • Social Listening. Use social media listening platforms for mentions, comments and sentiment related to the earnings call. This can provide valuable insights into public opinion and investor feedback.

One More Thing To Consider: Captions and live transcription are a good idea for the earnings call itself, given recent research on voice quality and its trading implications.

Engage with Analysts and Investors

Reach out to analysts and investors, address their burning questions and set up meetings to dive deeper into the action-packed details.

When you quickly respond to questions and potential concerns, you show investors that you care about them and want to talk. This builds trust and gives us useful feedback for future talks.

  • Meet and Greet. Schedule one-on-one meetings or group briefings with key analysts to address any questions or concerns in-depth and provide additional context.

  • Investor Outreach. Reach out to institutional investors and major shareholders to discuss the results and address any specific inquiries they may have.

  • Send “Thank You” Notes. Show your appreciation to participants with personalized thank you emails or notes. A little thankfulness goes a long way in building rapport with your audience.

  • Media Relations. Engage with media outlets to clarify any misconceptions, highlight key points and ensure accurate reporting of the earnings call outcomes.


Communicate Post-Earnings Content and Key Takeaways

Quickly upload important materials on your IR website – such as the recorded earnings call, transcript and presentation slides for attendees to review later.

Pro Tip: With the help of Notified’s enhanced IR Event Platform, you can communicate more effectively with important stakeholders and offer investors more information through accessible, engaging webcasts.

Send a summary email with key points to analysts and shareholders. Track engagement metrics to see how effective your content is.

And don’t forget about internal communications! Share a summary of the earnings call with internal stakeholders - including executives, employees and board members. Ensure alignment on key messages and strategies moving forward.

Consider hosting an internal earnings call as a way to facilitate effective communication with your global employee base.

Plan for Continuous Engagement

Use insights gathered from the earnings call to inform future strategies and decision-making.

Identify areas where improvements can be made in communications, performance or financial management.

Develop action plans to address these areas and ensure continuous improvement:

  • Investor Events. Identify opportunities for future investor engagements, such as conferences, roadshows and industry events. Keep the momentum going with regular updates and insights to keep stakeholders invested in your story.

  • Quarterly Updates. Set a regular schedule for updates beyond earnings calls, such as quarterly newsletters or investor webinars. This keeps everyone informed about company news and developments.

  • Stay in Character. Keep your message and storytelling consistent across all channels. Be the main character in your company's story and keep stakeholders interested in your journey.

After hosting an earnings call, there's still a lot to do! You need to review performance, listen to what investors have to say, answer their questions and plan how to communicate after the call.

By doing these things well, you can make a positive impact and effectively tell your company’s investment story.

Remember, it's not just about one call—it's an ongoing effort to keep investors informed and happy. So, keep working on your communication, listen to what investors want and keep getting better at it.

That way, you'll build trust and keep your shareholders happy for the long haul.

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