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What Is Sentiment Analysis?

What is sentiment analysis? And why is it important? 

Our new video will help you understand this crucial aspect of PR measurement!

What Is Sentiment Analysis?

As a public relations pro, your job is to manage and enhance the reputation of your company or client – all while keeping tabs on what’s being said by journalists and consumers across social media, forums and review sites.

Some days, you might come across glowing reviews, positive comments and happy mentions. Other times, you might discover criticism, complaints and negative remarks.

Sentiment analysis helps you make sense of all this information, while understanding the true feelings toward your brand or client.

How Do You Choose the Right Tool for Sentiment Analysis?

The Notified PR Platform’s Measure module helps you easily track and analyze sentiment, media exposure, competitor activity and more. Get data-rich visualizations that help you evaluate awareness and reputation across share of voice and message pull-through (to name a few).

It’s your single source of truth across social and earned media!

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