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What Are Press Releases? And Why Are They Important?

Incorporating press releases into public relations and marketing campaigns offers numerous benefits for companies of all sizes.

Our new video will help you understand this crucial aspect of communications strategies!

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is a formal announcement issued by companies and organizations to share newsworthy information with the media.

Press releases target journalists and provide all the necessary information reporters need to write a story.

Watch our video to learn more!

Share Your Stories Using GlobeNewswire by Notified

A leader in news release and press release distribution, GlobeNewswire reaches 158 countries in 35 languages and lets you target your news to relevant journalists and media outlets based on geography, industry and media type - using over 1,000 newslines!

Some of GlobeNewswire’s top features include:

  • Media Snippets - Embed interactive elements directly into your release, boosting engagement.

  • Newswire Analytics - Analyze and measure the impact of your releases and get real-time data on views, social media shares, multimedia engagement and link click-throughs.

  • AI Press Release Generator – Quickly and securely create a first draft of your next release.

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