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Webinar Recap: IR Website Best Practices

In our recent webinar, we discussed how investor relations teams can efficiently provide up-to-date, accurate information to global stakeholders.

For this discussion, I was honored to join a panel of IR experts as we shared tips on how to tell your best investment story across your IR website. 

As it’s the first place investors go to learn more about your company, your IR site is critical for capturing interest in your equity story. However, as stories evolve and demands on IR teams increase, new approaches are required to ensure informative, relevant and timely content is delivered to visitors. 

During the webinar, we discussed established strategies as well as new ones to keep in mind. Keep reading for some of my top takeaways from the event! 


Investor Relations Website Best Practices

IR Websites and Accessibility

Accessibility is not just a web trend - it’s a requirement. As web technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to communicate effectively to everyone. 

We’re fortunate to have reached a state where accessibility guidelines are clear and achievable. 

IR Websites and Automation

Automation is a mainstay in IR websites with things like SEC filings, press releases and stock data all being virtually maintenance free.  

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, the future is bright. IR professionals will be able to automate even more, allowing them to focus on high value tasks. 

IR Website Analytics

You must know your website visitors! Your content strategy and design should be rooted in a deep understanding of their goals. 

Leverage analytics to understand visitors and what they’re doing on your site. Collect intelligence to identify what institutions visit the site. 

You should also gain insights from less traditional means other than website analytics: 

  • Who registers for your events? 
  • Who signs up for email alerts? 
  • What assets are they downloading? 
  • What common questions are users emailing you about?

IR Websites and Content Strategy

You should allow visitors to control their own journey through the site and not overwhelm them with too much content at once.  

Your homepage should deliver high-impact, bite-sized pieces of content, allowing the user to see the latest and greatest with the option to drill in deeper when they’re interested in learning more. 

Be mindful of short attention spans and deliver your message with impact. Leveraging video and infographics is a good way to quickly communicate your message in an engaging way. 

Collaboration across departments is important in keeping your content accurate. Work with marketing and other departments to ensure your story and content management is in synch. 

Think about who you want to attract (beyond the institutional investors), and how your delivery of content might change depending on who they are - retail investors, employees, media and, with the rise of AI, even machines. 

It’s important to also keep writing style conversational and human. 

IR Website Design

Your IR site is your face to the investment community. It’s important to align its design with the corporate brand and ensure that it’s kept up to date, to create credibility. 

How you tell your story is as important as the story itself. 

IR Website Maintenance

It’s okay to have some redundancy in content across your websites because different users have different paths to discovering information.  

Ensure you’re telling a cohesive story across all sites and content endpoints. 

By managing your content in one place and leveraging data feeds, you can pipe important content into different pages and sites while ensuring consistency.  

IR Website Service and Support

It's important to have a service provider who understands IR, and acts as an extension of your team, making timely and accurate updates to keep your site current.  

Check out our IR website partner checklist to help you evaluate potential vendors.

Thanks for reading – hope to see you at our next webinar!

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Blake Romine
Blake Romine
Blake leads the website design department at Notified, which he pioneered. With 13+ years of experience delivering creative solutions to the world’s top brands, and having earned numerous accolades, he is a seasoned expert in IR communications, web design and technology. Beyond the office, he is and avid fisherman and soccer player who prefers spending his free time outdoors with his wife and three children.


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