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Success Story: GloryBee and the University of Oregon

“The competitive intelligence gained from the Notified PR Platform gave us the strategic advantage we needed to create successful and innovative campaigns helping to engage a younger audience.” 

Lisa MacMaster - Director of Marketing at GloryBee


With over 45 years of experience in the natural foods industry, GloryBee has been supplying natural and organic ingredients to Pacific Northwest natural food manufacturers, bakeries and shops for decades. GloryBee’s mission is to provide high quality, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish people and the planet.

GloryBee has focused its marketing and public relations efforts on communicating its capabilities, consistency, supply chain and certifications in addition to its expertise in honey. The brand looks to ensure consistent, up-scaled messaging that conveys reliability and forward thinking through innovative honey use and packaging.

To help monitor the media ecosystem and boost the effectiveness of new marketing and communications strategies, GloryBee partnered with the University of Oregon’s Allen Hall PR in-school agency to utilize the Notified PR Platform and its integrated solutions.

How Did the Notified PR Platform Help GloryBee Achieve Its Goals?

GloryBee’s diverse audience includes individual consumers and B2B - which is comprised of industrial bakeries, snack bar manufacturers, beverage manufacturers and more.

GloryBee partnered with the University of Oregon to use the Notified PR Platform in a real-world scenario, having students use the PR tool to analyze its online audiences, monitor media coverage, social content and measure the results of ongoing brand campaigns.

The data gleaned from the Notified PR Platform allowed the students to build telling profiles that revealed new, unique approaches for GloryBee’s Save the Bee non-profit campaign and established potential new B2B markets to focus on - such as the hospitality industry.

The insights from the Notified PR Platform also allowed GloryBee to determine new approaches for consumer marketing and communications, including new content strategies to engage Gen Z on TikTok.

Watch our video and learn more about how GloryBee used the Notified PR Platform to gain important insights and create better communications.

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