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Recent Media Layoffs: Why Media Databases Are More Important Than Ever Before

The beginning of 2024 hasn’t been kind to the media industry. From the Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated to the Wall Street Journal, major newsrooms across the country are experiencing restructuring and layoffs.

For public relations professionals, these changes make things tricky. Media relations suddenly feels uncertain, like trying to hit a target blindfolded – not knowing who's still in the organization, who's moved on and where everyone stands now.

But fear not. There are still smart ways for PR pros to effectively pitch and place high-impact stories.

With all of these changes to the media landscape, a verified media contacts database has become more important than ever before for in-house and agency PR teams.

Notified Media Contacts Database

Why a Verified Media Contacts Database Is a Must - Especially Now

While a media database can benefit PR pros, not all databases are created equal.

It’s important to use a media database that includes verification done by in-house research teams and includes the date the information was verified for each contact.

Another point to keep in mind is that some databases contain only basic information while others offer more sophisticated insights that tie into what journalists post and share on social. Look for the ones that offer more details.

But if you're a Notified customer, you don't have to stress about changes to your media contact lists!

Our verified Media Contacts Database keeps you updated about journalists on the move, which makes life easier for every PR pro (even with all the changes happening).

Rather than worrying about updating outdated lists and finding new points of contact, PR pros can trust Notified to actively keep their database current.

Utilizing a unique blend of human-curated research and artificial intelligence, Notified’s Media Contacts Database provides several benefits for PR teams.

Human-Verified Contacts

With a dedicated media research team, you get verified contacts based on specific needs and preferences. This ensures you can target the right journalists for your PR campaigns, increasing the likelihood of engagement and coverage.

Improved Response and Open Rates

Using our media contacts database, you can optimize your outreach for improved email response and open rates. By connecting with journalists who are genuinely interested in your stories, you can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Quick Discovery of New Contacts

You can pinpoint relevant journalists based on your search profiles. Easily find and add new contacts to your existing lists of media contacts. This proactive approach helps PR pros to make a relevant distribution list for press releases.

Enriched Email Capabilities

Reach key journalists with press release distribution (including email outreach) or take advantage of Enriched Emails that offer flexible templates and layout tools. This feature-rich functionality enhances the effectiveness of email outreach campaigns, making it easier for PR pros to capture the attention of media contacts and tell their stories more effectively.

With this combined approach, Notified’s Media Contacts Database gives you the helpful information you need to stay current!

Additional Tips on How To Navigate Recent Media Layoffs

Besides media databases, here are some additional tips on how PR pros can navigate these changes.

Build New Relationships

Expand your network of contacts by attending industry events, engaging with journalists on social media platforms like X (Twitter), LinkedIn and by participating in relevant online communities.

Broaden Your Tactics

Don’t just rely on media relations, explore alternative communication channels to reach your target audience. Collaborate with industry influencers or relevant organizations to amplify your message through partnerships or guest appearances on podcasts or webinars.

Accept the Reality

Media relations take time and effort. It's important to set realistic expectations and understand that building meaningful relationships with journalists and achieving desired media coverage can take time. Instead of expecting instant results, focus on consistently and steadily advancing your communication efforts.

Get a Verified Media Contacts Database

Thanks for reading! To see a verified media database for yourself, check out our interactive tour of the database within the Notified PR Platform!

And if you want to learn even more, request a demo today to see how Notified can help make your media relations easier by providing access to updated contacts to enhance your storytelling efforts.

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