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Promote Your Next Event Using These 3 Press Release Examples

Gearing up to host an event? Want to create buzz around it?

The press release about your event is a powerful tool to drive excitement with your audience, attract potential attendees and help generate media coverage. So where do you begin?

To help you write a release that catches eyes and turns readers into attendees, we’ve compiled a set of press release examples from the GlobeNewswire newsroom to guide you.

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Why Are Press Releases So Effective for Promoting Events?

One of the most important reasons why releases are so effective is that they house a complete story - full of the important who, what, where, when and why. This gives the reader everything they need to know if they want to attend.

When journalists receive a well-written and compelling press release, they are more likely to write an article about an event, providing valuable exposure.

Press releases also help to build relationships with journalists, positioning you as a trustworthy, reliable information source. This can lead to increased media coverage for future events!

Press Release Examples: How To Promote an Event

If your company is planning an upcoming event, and you’re just starting to think about your announcement, use these releases from the GlobeNewswire newsroom as inspiration!

Press Release Example 1

BISSELL Pet Foundation Brings Holiday Hope to Homeless Pets Through "Empty the Shelters" Event


This press release is effective for the following reasons:

  • Strong Headline: The headline quickly tells you who's hosting, what it's about and where it’s located.

  • Event Information: The event details such as name, date, time and location are prominently displayed.

  • Easy to Read: Follows the inverted pyramid style making it easy to skim and get the important details.

  • Quotes and Boilerplate: Quotes from the founder and boilerplate with additional information.

  • Multimedia: At the bottom of the release, there are images of event ad posters featuring empty shelters to grab attention and give journalists storytelling assets.

Press Release Example 2

Engine Technology Forum to Host Virtual Event Exploring Renewable Fuel Use in Back-Up Power Generation


This press release works for the following reasons:

  • Impactful Headline: The headline tells you quickly who's hosting and what it's about.

  • Event Information: It gives a detailed info about the virtual event details such as name, date and time.

  • Contact Information: This press release has contact info for media with name, phone and email.

  • Quotes and Boilerplate: Quote from the ETF’s Executive Director and boilerplate with additional information about ETF.

  • Call to Action: Press release gives the related links such as event registration link and engine technology forum website.

Press Release Example 3

Axsome Therapeutics to Host Solriamfetol Virtual Investor Event on December 7


This press release is effective because it contains the following:

  • Concise Headline: The headline has the important details within it, such as the event name, the host and date of the event.

  • Event Information: This is a virtual investor event with a description about the event and presenter details such as name, date and time.

  • Contact Information: The investor and media contact info with name, address, phone and email.

  • Boilerplate: Detailed profile information about the company at the end of the press release.

  • Call to Action: A link to register for the event and website address to contact the company.

We hope these real-world press release examples give you inspiration to make your next event stand out. Thanks for reading!

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