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Press Release Examples: How To Announce a Company Award

Every company strives to achieve recognition within their industry. When your hard work pays off and your company (or client) is honored with an award, spreading the word and celebrating the achievements is essential.

Announcing your award with a well-crafted press release can help you gain the recognition you deserve and generate positive buzz among industry professionals, journalists and potential customers.

With everything on communicators’ plates, we know it can be tough to find time for writing – but we’re here to help. In this article, we share top press release examples for how to promote a company award – featuring real-world releases from the GlobeNewswire newsroom.

Keep reading to get inspired!

Press Releases Examples: How To Format Your Release

Before we share the examples, it's important to highlight key elements that should be included in your press release to achieve maximum impact.

Press Release Examples: 12 Formatting Tips

  1. Logo Placement: Position the company logo at the document's top, right-aligned and justified.

  2. Embargo Statement: Include the embargo statement above the headline or below the logo, specifying whether immediate or delayed publication is preferred.

  3. Media Contact Information: Display contact details on the upper left, including name, title, company, phone number, email and website.

  4. Catchy Headline: Craft a powerful, attention-grabbing headline summarizing the award win, e.g., "XYZ Company Wins Prestigious Industry Award for Innovation and Excellence."

  5. Sub-Headline (Optional): Complement the headline with additional context or information about the company, award and recipient.

  6. Strong Lead Paragraph: Expand on the headline, providing details about the award, presenter, recipient and the reason for winning.

  7. Compelling Lead Paragraph [Paragraph 2]: Offer additional information about the award, answering the who, what, when, where and why questions.

  8. Provide Context and Background [Paragraph 3]: Give context and background on the award, explaining criteria, notable competitors and past winners.

  9. Highlight Achievements and Contributions [Paragraph 4]: Showcase specific achievements, projects, or innovations that contributed to the award win, using concrete examples and statistics.

  10. Quotes: Include quotes from key figures expressing gratitude for the award and highlighting its significance.

  11. Mention the Impact: Discuss the potential impact of the award on your organization or industry, emphasizing benefits and implications.

  12. Boilerplate: Conclude with a brief company description (boilerplate) covering history, mission and core values.

Now that you have formatting best practices, let’s dive into the press release examples!

3 Press Release Examples to Inspire Your Next Award Announcement

Press Release Example 1

The Restaurant at JUSTIN Awarded Prestigious AAA Five Diamonds


In this example, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery shared that their restaurant received the AAA Five Diamonds Award, making it the only winery restaurant with this special recognition.

The press release includes important details such as: when the award was given, why it's a such big deal and how unique it is for the restaurant to be among only 68 in the country and 13 in California with this honor.

The announcement highlights the restaurant's leader and also mentions other awards the restaurant has earned - such as MICHELIN Stars and Forbes Five-Star ratings.

A quote from the senior vice president of marketing also emphasizes the company's commitment to excellence and the impact of the award.

The press release ends with a brief company description and a call-to-action for reservation requests and more information.

Press Release Example 2

EarlyBirds Achieves Consecutive Win as Global Open Innovation Platform of the Year 2024


This press release strategically incorporates many key elements, such as: a well-positioned logo, attention-grabbing headline, detailed lead paragraphs answering essential questions and the inclusion of quotes from company leaders expressing gratitude.

The image with the news immediately shows the name of the award, making it clear right away that the company achieved this honor.

The press release effectively provides context and background on the award, highlighting achievements and contributions that led to the recognition.

It also addresses the award's impact on EarlyBirds and invites businesses to join the transformative movement.

Press Release Example 3

PERSONA AI Wins First Place in GenAI Solution Competition 2023


The press release successfully incorporates essential elements for a compelling award announcement, including: the company's logo, a visual of the award and contact details for media inquiries.

The concise headline effectively communicates the win, while the opening paragraphs provide context on the competition's global significance and esteemed judging panel.

The release highlights insights into PERSONA AI's winning solution, KGPT, showcasing the company's expertise in generative AI. The press release also addresses the expanding global AI market and positions PERSONA AI's achievements within this context, emphasizing KGPT's innovative features.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article gives you helpful press release examples and serves as a guide for your upcoming award announcements.

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