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Looking Ahead: Where AI Will Provide the Most Value for IROs

The recent AI for IR Forum in London created a wave of excitement as industry leaders explored the potential and practicality of how to integrate artificial intelligence into investor relations.

During the discussions, Erik Carlson, COO & CFO of Notified, shed light on the current state of AI adoption and offered his insights on how to maximize the value of this technology moving forward.

Unlocking the Future: AI's Role in Revolutionizing Investor Relations

Carlson touched on some of the main ways AI will provide fewer, sharper tools and help to build a powerful tech stack for IROs.

Here are four key areas where AI will add the most value, according to Carlson:

  1. Improved Communication - AI chatbots and virtual assistants will transform how IR professionals engage with investors and stakeholders, providing instant, personalized and seamless support to enhance overall satisfaction and engagement.

  2. Enhanced Analysis - As AI algorithms continue to advance, they will offer deeper insights and predictive capabilities, allowing IR pros to make more accurate and confident data-driven decisions. From forecasting financial trends to mitigating risks, AI-driven analysis will have the potential to significantly enhance IR practices.

  3. Trust and Transparency - Building trust will remain crucial in investor relations. AI tools prioritizing transparency and accountability will be vital for earning stakeholders' confidence. Features such as AI oversight, error checks and ethical AI practices will address concerns about data accuracy and integrity.

  4. Continuous Innovation - The advancement of AI will continue to drive ongoing innovation in IR. With automated reporting and real-time market trend monitoring, AI-powered solutions will empower IR teams to maintain flexibility and responsiveness in a rapidly changing environment.

The Quest for Trust

In the future, as AI becomes increasingly prominent in IR, the focus will be on ensuring its reliability.

Therefore, it will not only be about adopting AI - but also showing "demonstrated trust" in AI solutions. IR teams will need to prioritize transparency, responsibility and ethical practices to build trust and credibility with investors.

Embracing AI responsibly will be key to maintaining trust in investor communications.

Remember: Despite all the excitement and attention, it's crucial to understand that AI is still in its early days, so don't expect instant miracles. To start, keep an open mind and explore AI possibilities with curiosity.

Have conversations within your organization about how AI can help. Start with the C-suite, then move down from there. Leverage the right players to form a governance board, then smartly integrate AI into your existing tech setup.

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