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Launch Your Product Using These 4 Press Release Examples

Launching a new product is thrilling, yet challenging - especially in today's competitive markets.

To ensure a successful product launch, it's important to create excitement and get the media's attention. Arguably, the most powerful tool to help achieve this objective is a well-crafted press release.

In this blog, we'll provide four inspiring press release examples from the GlobeNewswire newsroom to help guide you! Let’s dive in.

Press Releases and Product Launches: What Makes Them So Effective?

Before we head into the examples, let's first define what an effective press release is.

To create an effective release, there are certain elements you should include:

  • Engaging Headline: Your headline should be captivating and convey the essence of your product launch. It should pique the curiosity of journalists and potential customers, compelling them to read further.

  • Clear and Concise Writing: Keep your writing clear, concise and free from technical jargon to help it stand out among the numerous press releases journalists receive daily.

  • Inverted Pyramid Style: Start your press release by stating the newsworthy who, what, where, when and why.

  • Newsworthiness: Highlight the unique aspects of your product launch that make it newsworthy - such as a groundbreaking innovation or important features. Emphasize what sets your product apart from the competition.

  • Compelling Storytelling: Humans are wired to connect through stories. Craft a compelling narrative around your product launch that resonates with your target audience. Share the journey, challenges and successes that led to the creation of your product.

  • Use Quotes: Incorporate quotes from key stakeholders, such as the CEO or product manager, to add credibility and humanize your press release. Quotes can provide valuable insights and personal perspectives on the product.

  • Media Snippets: Include high-quality product images, videos and infographics to enhance your press release. Visual content helps journalists visualize your product and increases the chances of media coverage.

  • Call-to-Action: End your press release with a clear call-to-action, such as offering exclusive access to a media kit. This encourages further engagement and facilitates media follow-up.

  • Boilerplate: Include a brief section about the company or individual issuing the release.

Now that we've covered the essentials, let's explore four press release examples that can inspire your product launch announcement.

4 Press Release Examples to Inspire Your Next Product Launch

Press Release Example 1

The Codego Group’s CodegoPay launch is a great example of a product launch press release.


  • The press release is well-organized and easy for people to understand.

  • The main headline clearly talks about the launch of CodegoPay and why it's important in the world of crypto-friendly banking. The sub-headline gives more details about the product.

  • The press release uses bullet points to share key information about CodegoPay, such as its ability to open European IBANs and make secure transfers.

  • To bring the story to life, there's a CodegoPay image included.

  • At the end of the release, there's extra information (boilerplate and contact details) for those who want to know more about CodegoPay and Codego Group.

Press Release Example 2

Iridex’s new product launch is another good example to follow.


  • The headline clearly captures attention while emphasizing the company's impressive 35-year history of laser innovation, building trust.

  • The opening paragraph provides essential information promptly, addressing the who, what, where and when of the product launch.

  • The press release strategically outlines key features of the new lasers, utilizing bullet points to emphasize their innovation.

  • Incorporating a positive quote from a medical professional adds credibility and provides a valuable user perspective on the product's design and functionality. The statement from the CEO of Iridex Corporation adds a personal touch, reinforcing the company's dedication to advancing laser solutions.

  • To offer additional information, a boilerplate is included at the end, inviting readers to learn more about the product.

Press Release Example 3

Ontex’s press release is another example of a solid product launch announcement.



  • The press release is well formatted to effectively convey the key information about Ontex's product launch. The clear and concise headline, "Ontex expands baby pants range to meet growing market demand," immediately sets the focus of the announcement.

  • Specific details about the product are provided, highlighting unique features that distinguish it in the market.

  • The inclusion of a quote from leadership team of Ontex adds a personal and authoritative touch, highlighting Ontex's commitment to innovation, affordability and quality partnerships with retailers.

  • The overall structure ensures that the reader can easily grasp the significance of the product launch, Ontex's position in the industry, the unique features of the new product and the market trends influencing this strategic move.

Press Release Example 4

SignalPET’s SignalSTAT launch is final example of what to strive for!


  • The headline, "SignalPET Launches SignalSTAT: Rapid Veterinary Radiology Service with AI and Human Oversight," makes it clear that they want to improve the speed of care for animals.

  • In the first paragraph, SignalPET talks about SignalSTAT, saying it combines AI technology with human expertise to quickly care for pets.

  • The press release highlights the product's key message points, like using AI and human oversight, a guaranteed 45-minute turnaround time and being in over 2,300 clinics.

  • A quote from leadership adds a personal touch showing the company's commitment to caring for animals and fixing issues in traditional radiology.

  • An endorsement from veterinary diagnostic imaging specialist adds more value to the press release.

Thanks for reading! We hope these real-world press release examples inspire your next product launch announcement to the media.

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