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June News Roundup: 7 Stories Communicators Should Know About

This month's highlight is the groundbreaking partnership between two tech giants: Apple and OpenAI.

We dive into the details and explore the reactions while providing additional artificial intelligence and IR/PR industry updates.

Apple and OpenAI Partnership

At their WWDC event, Apple announced a new partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its devices including iPhones, iPads and Macs as a feature of its Apple Intelligence service.

Key points include:

  • Apple is incorporating OpenAI's ChatGPT into its Siri voice assistant, which will be included in iOS 18, iPadOS and MacOS expected to launch in the fall of 2024.

  • When users ask Siri for suggestions, such as meal ideas, Siri may connect with ChatGPT to provide answers after obtaining user permission.

  • ChatGPT will be used for working with photos, documents, presentations and PDFs, always asking for permission before sharing any information.

  • Users can access ChatGPT for free without creating an account and their requests and information will not be logged.

  • Apple emphasized user control over ChatGPT when used and will require user permission before sharing information.

  • Apple says privacy protections are a priority in this integration: requests made through Siri and writing tools are not stored by OpenAI and users' IP addresses remain hidden.

Despite the buzz around these advancements, the partnership has stirred debate and received mixed reactions:

  • Positive Outlook: Analysts believe this collaboration will push Apple to the forefront of AI development, helping it compete with other tech giants. The integration of ChatGPT is seen as a significant upgrade to the user experience.

  • Security Concerns: Elon Musk is among those who have voiced strong concerns regarding the integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT into Apple's operating systems. Musk, who was a co-founder of OpenAI but has since departed, highlighted potential privacy and security risks, questioning Apple's ability to safeguard user data when it is shared with OpenAI.

  • Competitive Landscape: This partnership also raises questions about the competitive landscape in the tech industry. This move could potentially impact other major players such as Google and Microsoft who are heavily invested in AI development. However, reports suggest Apple might be exploring collaborations with Google's AI model, Gemini, indicating a potentially more fluid landscape for future AI partnerships.

Overall, the Apple and OpenAI partnership is a significant development with far-reaching implications.

While some experts acknowledge its potential to revolutionize user experiences, others remain concerned about potential privacy risks.

Apple Won't Roll Out AI Tech in EU Over Regulatory Concerns

Apple is withholding several new technologies from the European Union due to regulatory concerns. The company announced it will block the release of Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing for EU users this year. Apple cited fears that the Digital Markets Act (DMA) could compromise product security and user privacy.

(via Bloomberg)

Notified's Adam Christensen on PR's Top Pros Talk

In a recent episode, Adam Christensen, CMO at Notified, discussed the evolving landscape of public relations and communications – including PR vs. marketing budgets, how to build trust in the age of misinformation and how PR pros can put AI to work.

(via D S Simon Media)


Amazon Is Working on a ChatGPT Competitor

Amazon is developing an AI chatbot called Metis to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. This chatbot, accessible via web browser, will be powered by Amazon's advanced internal AI model, Olympus, which is reportedly more powerful than their publicly available model, Titan.

Metis aims to provide conversational text and image-based answers, offer source links, suggest follow-up questions and generate images. It will use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), enabling it to reference information outside its training data for more current responses.

(via QUARTZ)

A Look Back at the 2024 NIRI Annual Conference

The NIRI Annual Conference held in San Francisco brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss pivotal trends and innovations shaping investor relations.

Learn the top takeaways from this important event.

(via Notified blog)


Meta Pauses AI Models Launch in Europe Due To Irish Request

Meta has postponed launching its Meta AI models in Europe following a directive from the Irish privacy regulator. The decision comes after regulators and advocacy groups raised concerns about Meta's plan to use data from its platforms to train artificial intelligence models without obtaining explicit user consent.

Specifically, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) instructed Meta to delay deploying its large language models (LLMs) that utilize public content shared by adult users on Facebook and Instagram.

(via Yahoo News)

Runway Unveils New Hyper Realistic AI Video Model

Runway ML has unveiled its latest AI video model, Gen-3 Alpha, capable of generating hyper-realistic 10-second video clips. This release marks Runway's comeback in the competitive field of generative AI video creation following previous models, Gen-1 and Gen-2.

Gen-3 Alpha represents a significant advancement with enhanced capabilities for creating detailed and emotionally expressive videos.

(via VentureBeat)

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