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Introducing the GlobeNewswire Quote Carousel

To capture journalists’ attention, every word matters.

That's why we’re excited to introduce the latest GlobeNewswire feature that enhances your storytelling – the Quote Carousel!

What Is the GlobeNewswire Quote Carousel?

The Quote Carousel is a dynamic, visually attractive feature that’s now available to any full-service GlobeNewswire Distribute client sending English-language press releases.

It allows you to promote compelling quotes within your release and create a better storytelling experience for readers.

Use it to effortlessly showcase highlighted quotes within your press releases, boosting their impact – using either auto-generation or by selecting the precise quote.

This feature is available free of charge for all full-service GlobeNewswire Distribute clients!

Top 3 Benefits of Using the GlobeNewswire Quote Carousel

We’ve specifically engineered this feature to help you:

1. Create More Attention for Your Stories

Grabbing and retaining your audience's attention is more challenging than ever before.

The Quote Carousel solves this issue by attractively displaying specific quotes, making a strong impression and enticing readers to engage with your content.

By presenting quotes in an interactive manner, the Quote Carousel keeps readers on your press releases longer, increasing their engagement with your stories.

2. Improve Readability

Long paragraphs can quickly overwhelm readers, leading to a high bounce rate.

The Quote Carousel addresses this issue by breaking up text and making your press releases easier to read.

3. Increase Social Media Engagement

The interactive nature of the Quote Carousel encourages readers to share the quotes on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook and Reddit - increasing the reach and visibility of your stories beyond traditional media outlets.

When someone shares to their social networks from the carousel, the quote will be displayed along with a link back to the full article!

Drive More Media Coverage with GlobeNewswire

A leader in press release distribution, GlobeNewswire reaches 158 countries in 35 languages and lets you target your news to relevant journalists and media outlets based on geography, industry and media type - using over 1,000 newslines!

Besides the Quote Carousel, some of GlobeNewswire’s top features also include:

  • Media Snippets - Embed interactive elements directly into your release, boosting engagement.

  • Newswire Analytics - Analyze and measure the impact of your releases and get real-time data on views, social media shares, multimedia engagement and link click-throughs.

  • AI Press Release Generator – Quickly and securely create a first draft of your next release.

If you're looking to boost visibility and engage your target audience, contact us today to learn more!

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