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How To Use Automation and Accessibility To Tell Your Best Investment Story

Learn how investor relations teams can efficiently provide up-to-date, accurate information to global stakeholders!

Watch our on-demand webinar and hear our panel of IR experts discuss how to use automation and accessibility to tell your best investment story.

Our panel featured Camilla Bartosiewicz, Chief Communications Officer at Altus Group, Andrew Kramer, VP of Investor Relations at Cellebrite and Blake Romine, Manager, Web Design at Notified. 

They specifically covered:

  • The latest trends in IR website design, including how to remain compliant.
  • How to create a dynamic content strategy.
  • How IR teams can save time by automating and aggregating content.

Learn New Approaches to Improve IR Storytelling

As it’s the first place investors go to learn more about your company, your IR website is critical for capturing interest in your equity story.

However, as stories evolve and demands on IR teams increase, new approaches are required to ensure you’re providing informative, relevant and timely content for your visitors.

Our panel discussed established strategies as well as new ones to keep in mind.

What's Trending in IR Website Design?

According to a new IR Magazine report, four in five IROs say IR websites are an effective tool for engaging institutional investors.

While this rings true with 65% of institutional investors saying IR websites are very useful when looking to invest in a company, and 63% finding them useful for companies they’re already invested in, it’s important to get the basics right. 

Our panel discussed the latest web design essentials to keep investors engaged and informed.

How To Create a Dynamic Content Strategy

Forward-thinking IROs are now engaging with retail investors via tailored content - including microsites, multimedia content and retail-focused events. 

Our panelists covered the rising retail influence, the importance of accessibility and the impact of AI in creating a dynamic content strategy.

How To Save Time and Be More Efficient

Your IR website is an integral part of your communications strategy, and to save time you should be automating elements such as investor queries, report sharing and AGM highlights.   

Our panelists discussed how to automate IR website tasks so your data is always accurate and investors are always informed. 

Watch it now!

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