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How to Improve Media Outreach in 2023

Not long ago, the role of public relations was clearly defined as a conduit between a newsroom and a brand. But things have changed significantly.

These days, on top of creating , PR pros are charged with leading and influencing conversation, boosting and managing reputation and improving brand visibility in an highly competitive media environment - and this doesn’t even include additional responsibilities such as employee retention.

But getting earned media coverage can be difficult. How can you break through the clutter and get picked up in a media outlet, or woo the attention of a social influencer, to gain an edge over the competition?

In our new eBook, How to Improve Media Outreach in 2023, we share best practices and tips to help you increase your chances of securing attention. Keep reading to learn more about our new eBook and its key takeaways.

How to Improve Your Press Releases

Let’s start with your press releases. A press release that inspires action starts with compelling content. But to improve your news and announcements, you should use search engine optimization (SEO) to develop strong, targeted content that drives traffic to your message.

Here are a few optimization best practices that will help you get more attention! 

1. Define the Keywords in Your Press Release

Before you start writing your release, identify your target audience and create a list of keywords.

  • Align your keywords with your message and ensure they resonate with your audience.

  • Use keywords organically so your message flows in a more genuine and natural way.

  • Make sure the content is natural and well-written, this will boost your credibility as a trusted news source.

2. Think Like a Journalist

To have your press release get noticed by a journalist, you need to adopt their way of thinking. 

  • Be impartial and tactical with your writing to create snappy, easy-to-read press releases.

  • Avoid jargon.

  • Use the inverted pyramid. This structure of storytelling places relevant information at the top, followed by smaller details, and is intended to quickly trigger interest.

  • Explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Emphasize the why and how in your content.

  • Include killer quotes and always cite sources to increase credibility.

  • Include data and statistics. The more research you provide, along with credible sources, the more traction you will get.

3. Boost Press Release Engagement Using Multimedia

Visuals add color to your story where words cannot.

Create a more comprehensive and engaging press release and increase your chances of getting coverage by including embedded (and downloadable) images, videos, audio clips, graphics and other media (e.g. Media Snippets). Having compelling storytelling assets that are easily accessible makes your story more appealing to journalists.

How to Improve Media Outreach

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Why Media Databases Are So Important

A media contacts database is software that gathers the contact information of global journalists and influencers as well as the editorial calendars for global publications.

Advanced databases are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). If you work in PR or communications, an up-to-date database of media contacts is an essential time-saving tool that allows you to research outlets to include on your media list.

Here are some more benefits of using a media database:

  • Allows you to research by contact or outlet, and to create a downloadable or shareable media list.

  • Helps you uncover new contacts.

  • Serves as a guide for distribution.

  • Has updated information on reporters and their associated media outlets (with so much downsizing in the media, journalists tend to shift roles or outlets).

  • Has valuable insights exclusive to individual journalists, like preferred contact information, writing styles and stories they’ve recently written. This information may help you connect on a more personal level, allowing you to build a genuine relationship.

Did You Know?

The Notified PR Platform combines a media contacts database, press release distribution, newsroom publishing, social listening, media monitoring and PR measurement with just one login.

Which Press Release Metrics You Should Look At?

The tips above will help you improve the targeting and distribution of your news. Once your press release has been distributed and published however, it’s time to shift your attention to measuring performance.

There are several ways to do this - such as using GlobeNewswire’s Newswire Analytics - both for traditional media outlets and social media channels.

Analyzing metrics is important to help you gauge overall interest in your message, such as:

  • How many people opened your press release?

  • What is your coverage rate?

  • Did your release perform as expected?

  • How can you improve with future releases?

Newswire Analytics

Globenewswire's Newswire Analytics helps you discover the impact of your press release on your business and brand. Instantly connect to the data you need to help measure the performance of your GlobeNewswire-distributed releases - the number of people who viewed them, social media shares, multimedia engagement, link click-throughs and more.

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  • Measure the success of your communications.

We hope you enjoy this free resource. Enjoy!

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