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How PR Pros Can Ensure Email Compliance with Google and Yahoo’s Updates

In order to provide the best possible email experience and further secure customers’ inboxes, Google and Yahoo are implementing new email delivery requirements beginning February 2024.  

While we recommend reviewing the full requirements from Google, the focus for public relations pros is on three key elements.

1. Email Authentication

Make sure your IT team has your 
email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) set up correctly for your company’s email domain.

Great news for Notified customers! This is already in place for all email distributions sent via GlobeNewswire. You can use our default email send address OR a custom email send address using the mandatory validation steps. 

2. Easy Unsubscribe 

A one-click unsubscribe option is now required and helps ensure your email lists
only include contacts who are interested in your content. This also encourages those receiving unwanted emails to unsubscribe, instead of blocking them or reporting them as spam. 

3. Sending Wanted Email

Both Google and Yahoo are implementing a spam rate threshold for senders, providing a guideline to ensure that recipients receive fewer unwanted messages. 

PR and corporate communications teams that currently follow email best practices - including providing options to unsubscribe - should not have many changes to implement to comply with these new requirements.  

However, it’s crucial for PR pros to understand how the medium of email is evolving to maintain competitive edge and compliance.  

Consider these changes an evolution, ensuring the continued success of your email pitches and campaigns. Together, we'll maintain a secure, user-friendly and spam-free environment for all communications.

Trust Notified to Help Tell Your Stories Powerfully, Effectively and Flawlessly

Notified’s email delivery tools, including GlobeNewswire press release distribution, adhere to these industry best practices - so our clients don’t have to worry! 

If you’re already working with us, you can use our email analytics to assess the success of your outreach and learn what works best for pitches and campaigns that lead to placements and awareness. 

To learn more about how Notified can support your PR, IR and corporate communications, request a demo today!