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How Notified is Elevating Customer Experience Through Omnichannel Engagement

At Notified, we understand that exceptional customer experience (CX) is the cornerstone of success.

Our commitment to client satisfaction drives us to not only meet, but to exceed expectations - so clients can tell their stories powerfully, effectively and flawlessly.

To achieve our goal of being the market leader in CX, we must first establish ourselves as a customer-centric organization.

And that’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve introduced a brand-new client engagement solution for our public relations and investor relations clients. 


Elevating Customer Experience: Notified’s Omnichannel Engagement Solution 

To achieve our vision, we’ve introduced a powerful omnichannel engagement solution.

This strategic move will revolutionize how we connect with clients, taking the Notified customer experience to new heights.  

The Notified CX Solution

Our omnichannel platform will become the central hub to track and manage client interactions and provide a holistic view of each client's journey. This will enable us to understand the unique needs and preferences of each individual customer.

The platform's robust ticketing and escalation system will ensure that client inquiries, requests and issues are promptly addressed and resolved. By streamlining our internal processes, we will effectively manage and prioritize client requests, ensuring timely resolution.  

In an era when many companies have outsourced their customer support teams, at Notified we're investing in region-specific CX models that are closer each client – to be able to service them and create exceptional experiences and outcomes. And through the implementation of this omnichannel engagement platform, we will position ourselves as the industry leaders. 

As a company, we’ve embraced this transformative journey and will collectively strive to deliver exceptional experiences that set us apart.  

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Ted Rajanayagam
Ted Rajanayagam
With more than 15 years of IT, customer service and telecommunications industry experience, Ted Rajanayagam, VP of Shared Services at Notified, has a proven track record of delivering world-class customer experiences through a variety of channels, including call centers and self-service portals.


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