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Empowering Young Talent: Notified's 2023 Summer Internship Program

At Notified, we believe in the power of young talent and the significant contributions they can make to our organization.  

As part of this commitment, we were thrilled to welcome a team of summer interns for our 2023 program.  

“Internship programs are a fantastic way for Notified to build a talent pipeline for future openings in our organization, while giving program participants an opportunity learn skills and gain an understanding of the corporate environment,” said Monica Ojendyk, Chief Human Resources Officer and SVP at Notified. 

Our class of interns consisted of a global team, bringing diverse perspectives and fresh ideas to help drive innovation and growth within our company.


Notified's Summer Internship Program

Our program was designed to provide a nurturing environment for students to grow and collaborate. Its key pillars included:

  • Carve Your Own Path: The program was structured to encourage interns to pursue areas of their interest, allowing for a meaningful and fulfilling experience. Whether it was web development or project management, we offered hands-on opportunities to develop professional skills. 
  • Professional Mentorship: Each intern was assigned a dedicated mentor within their office, ensuring personalized guidance, support and valuable insights throughout their internship journey. 
  • Learning from C-Suite Executives: Our interns had the unique opportunity to interact with and learn from our esteemed C-suite executives, gaining exposure to high-level decision-making and strategic initiatives. 

Hear From Our 2023 Summer Interns

Our summer internship program offered a dynamic and enriching experience for young talents in various departments - including web development, finance, marketing and human resources.  

Below, check out what each intern was most excited to learn about!

















We’d like to thank all our 2023 interns for their contributions - and wish them the best of luck in the year ahead!

The Notified + University Partnership

Notified is committed to developing young talent and establishing strong relationships with universities.  

Our dedicated talent acquisition team is actively working on building a robust university network, strengthening our connections with prominent educational institutions near our major offices.  

By establishing these relationships, we aim to create a seamless recruiting process that enables us to attract the best and brightest minds from universities and provide them with exceptional growth opportunities. 

This is also part of our greater commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We will continue to partner with universities - and the different chapters and organizations within them - to attract interns from diverse backgrounds that contribute to a vibrant and inclusive work culture. 

Learn More About Life at Notified

Notified's summer internship program is an integral part of our commitment to empowering young talent. We are excited to witness the growth, innovation and impact that our interns will bring to Notified and beyond.

To learn more about life at Notified, explore our current career opportunities, check us out on Glassdoor and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates!