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Disclosure and Regulatory Filings: Your 8-Step Checklist for Success

It’s no secret that accuracy and timeliness are the top priorities for IROs when it comes to material disclosures. 

Considering some of the recent high-profile news stories, NIRI recently recommended that companies review their disclosure practices - and we couldn’t agree more.  

To help you navigate these complexities, we’ve created a short checklist that will ensure you can conduct a thorough review, uncover potential risk management strategies, enhance efficiency and reduce points of failure.


How To Review Disclosure Processes: A Short Checklist

Here are the eight questions you should be asking as you begin an internal review: 

1. Do I have a documented process?

2. Am I adhering to best practices?

3. How many steps and people are part of the process - and are there efficiencies to be gained?

4. Am I using the best tools and services?

5. How many service providers am I using?

6. Am I getting the level of service I need?

  • One easy efficiency gain: Use the same provider for regulatory filings and press releases (a partner such as Notified). It helps to make the submission, review and revision process more efficient, reducing the possible points of failure. 

7. Does my wire service offer skilled, full editorial support? Do they prioritize proofreading and catching errors in releases?

8. Is the process for submitting releases and making changes easy to follow?

Take Advantage of Regulatory and EDGAR Filing Services Through Notified

With Notified’s investor relations expertise, we can help you manage disclosure requirements with ease, save time and simplify your reporting.  

Notified is the only partner you need for EDGAR and SEDAR filings and GlobeNewswire press release distribution – a one-stop solution for all your needs. 

  • We’ll format your financial information for accurate, on-time filings. 

  • Allow you to make simultaneous edits across both the release and the filing - reducing risk and saving you time and money. 
  • Help you meet mandatory disclosure requirements while also publishing your press release to the widest possible audience.   

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