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Case Study Webinar Recap: How To Transform Your Media Monitoring

With the increased expectations placed on corporate communicators, staying on top of brand mentions has never been more crucial. 

In our latest case study webinar, featuring Shawn Paul Wood, Director of Corporate Communications at Beyond Finance, we explored just that - how to transform your media monitoring approach and improve business intelligence!

In his conversation with Kelly Byrd Marin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Notified, he shared his media monitoring and analysis story as well as its impact on brand strategy. 

In partnership with Notified, Wood and the Beyond Finance team use daily reports that cover online news, blogs, broadcast and print, making it easier to: 

  • Track media coverage
  • Follow industry activity
  • Keep an eye on competitors 

While you can watch the full webinar on-demand, here were some of our favorite takeaways from the discussion.

How to Enhance Brand Reputation Management

“There is misperception in any industry…we have to make sure what's being said is accurate, we have to be sure what's being conveyed is proper, and we want to be sure that all the access gates to get to us are being shared as much as possible.”

To navigate an online environment filled with disinformation, Wood emphasized the importance of media monitoring to support brand reputation and management. 

The daily reports help the Beyond Finance team identify how the media perceives their brand, allowing them to proactively correct any misconceptions.

How to Evolve Content and Keyword Strategy

“The most important thing is being searchable…you got to have those instant keywords and understand: what trends, what follows, what clicks, what searches. That becomes the boolean string that [your brand] will use to be found.”

Regardless of the amount of time and effort put into your content, people need to be able to find your brand online. 

Wood underscored the significance of identifying relevant industry stories that can support your content and SEO strategy. If you’re in a niche industry such as Beyond Finance, you can explore and understand the synonyms people may use to describe your services. 

The Beyond Finance team uses Notified’s daily reports to help discover and track these keywords to shape messaging and content. 

How to Increase Efficiency and Focus

“This newsletter [from Notified] is crucial for our communications…it allows us to shape these discussions to tell the best story possible.” 

Wood suggested that public relations pros invest time in analyzing their media coverage and going beyond just sentiment metrics. By having access to daily updates on brand mentions, industry news and competitor activities, PR teams can concentrate on identifying relevant stories that can inspire the next major project, pitch or campaign. 

Notified’s daily reports play a crucial role in streamlining this process for Beyond Finance. These reports save time and lighten their workload, helping provide valuable data for analysis and informed decision-making.


Thanks for reading our webinar recap! 

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