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Case Study: Hershey’s

“Notified is more than just a vendor. They are trusted partners who support, advise and provide timely service. I would not hesitate to recommend Notified for website design and maintenance.”

Gay Wolf

Manager, Stockholder Relations at The Hershey Company


Hershey’s makes moments of goodness through more than 90 brands and beloved products - including chocolate, sweets, refreshments, popcorn, pretzels and protein. And in today’s dynamic business environment, maintaining effective communication with their investors is paramount.

To accomplish this objective, Hershey’s needed an investor relations website that brought its heritage and investment story to life and was optimized for retail and institutional audiences.

A crucial component of any IR communications strategy, Hershey’s was looking for an IR website that provided a reliable hosting infrastructure with the ability to make instant updates, along with a customized design and a partner that provided high-touch service and support.

To do so, Hershey’s partnered with Notified to utilize its best-in-class IR services.


  • Provide up-to-date content for stakeholders

  • Improve awareness of IR website with investors

  • Work with IR website partner who offers high-touch service


How Did Notified Help Hershey's Achieve Its IR Goals?

Notified’s expert team conducted a thorough assessment of Hershey’s requirements, including content strategy, security and scalability needs. From there, Notified implemented a collaborative process to ensure Hershey’s goals were being exceeded.

The Notified team ensured that Hershey’s mission-critical content for investors was posted on time, every time – including earnings-related assets, press releases and SEC filings - and enabled email alerts on end-of-day quotes, SEC filings, calendar of events items, press releases and company blog posts.

The Notified team’s continuous monitoring and support ensured optimal performance and security. This included proactive maintenance, regular backups and security audits to demonstrate a commitment to long-term client success.

Moving forward, Hershey’s will be working with Notified to add ESG alerts to their email tool to keep investors informed of progress on key initiatives.


  • 957,562 - Total page views in 2023

  • 884,494 - Total site visitors in 2023

  • 69,441 - Total content downloads in 2023

Partner with Notified for Your IR Website

Why should you trust Notified with your IR site?

Go beyond basic webhosting with a comprehensive solution that addresses your specific pain points and supports your long-term IR goals:

  • Accessibility Expertise: Ensuring your website complies with accessibility standards is crucial for inclusivity and avoiding legal risks. With Notified, you can trust that your website will meet these standards, making it accessible to all users.

  • Enhanced Engagement: The Notified platform is designed to keep stakeholders engaged. Clear navigation, interactive features and a focus on user experience ensure that visitors can easily find and interact with the information they need.

  • Branding and Messaging Alignment: Your IR website is an extension of your brand. Notified works closely with you to design a website that reflects your brand identity and reinforces your corporate story, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

  • 24/7 Support by IR Professionals: You’ll have a dedicated website service manager who you’ll know by name and have access to 24/7 support for assistance after hours and on weekends. Notified's expert team is provided with ongoing training and certification and is always up to date with the latest investor relations and IR website best practices.

  • Streamlined Workflow and Security: Managing an IR website can be complex, but with Notified, it's streamlined. Simplify website management and prioritize data security with Notified's robust features, allowing you to focus on what matters most - communicating effectively with your stakeholders.

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