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Behind the News: Why Proofreading Is So Important

Remember the last time you saw an organization make an embarrassing error that damaged its credibility? Cringeworthy, right? 

When it comes to corporate communications, accuracy goes hand-in-hand with favorability and trust.

In our latest installment of Behind the News, you’ll discover how the GlobeNewswire by Notified editorial team ensures your press releases are error-free and formatted to perfection!

You'll learn more about:

  • The story of Alyssa, one of our experienced editors, who caught a critical client typo. 

  • How our expert editorial team works closely with public relations and investor relations clients to ensure their stories not only meet but exceed expectations. 

  • Why our 24/7/365 team goes the extra mile in proofreading, carefully checking press releases to fix any potential errors before they cause harm.


Why Choose GlobeNewswire by Notified?

When you distribute press releases through GlobeNewswire, you’re choosing the leading newswire service. 

Here’s why: 

  • Your stories can reach 158 countries and be translated into more than 35 local languages to connect with a diverse audience of journalists, media outlets, analysts, consumers and more. 

  • With GlobeNewswire by Notified, your press releases generate quality backlinks from high-authority websites, boosting your site's domain authority and search engine rankings.

  • You can include images and videos (Media Snippets) in your press releases, which increases engagement and social media sharing. 

Contact us today and experience the difference of working with the premier newswire service. 

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