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April News Roundup: 8 Stories Communicators Should Know About

Welcome to our monthly news roundup - a must read when it comes to artificial intelligence and communications technology.

There's plenty to cover for April, including:

Let's dive in!


Congress Passed a Bill That Could Ban TikTok. Now Comes the Hard Part.

Congress recently passed a bill targeting national security concerns surrounding TikTok, the widely used video app owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company.

The bill presents ByteDance with a choice: either sell TikTok or risk a ban in the United States. President Biden promptly signed the bill into law after its passage.

(via The New York Times *Login Required)

Apple Quietly Unveils New AI Model ReALM That Outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 Despite Being 'Much Lighter And Faster'

Apple has released a new artificial intelligence (AI) model "ReALM" that surpasses OpenAI's GPT-4 in parsing contextual data, marking a significant development ahead of the company’s AI initiatives launch in June.

It can convert any context into text, streamlining the parsing process for Large Language Models (LLMs). This breakthrough enables Apple to enhance its virtual assistant, Siri, by resolving vague language inputs more effectively, such as "this" or "that," using LLMs.


Google Confirms Major Gmail AI Security Update For 3 Billion Users

Google has announced a significant evolution in Gmail security, leveraging AI LLMs to protect users from phishing attacks.

Google acknowledges that the rapid advancement of generative AI has made it easier for attackers to carry out sophisticated phishing attempts. To prevent this, Google has developed custom LLMs trained on recent spam and phishing content to identify similar patterns semantically.

(via Forbes)

Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro Can Now Hear

Google’s update to Gemini 1.5 Pro allows it to listen to uploaded audio files, enabling it to extract information from various sources such as earnings calls or video audio directly, without relying on written transcripts.

With this enhancement, Gemini 1.5 Pro can understand complicated instructions and eliminates the need to fine-tune models.

(via The Verge)

OpenAI Says It’s Working on AI That Mimics Human Voices

OpenAI has launched a new artificial intelligence tool capable of accurately mimicking human voices. This AI voice generator offers numerous potential applications, such as enhancing accessibility services.

However, it also raises concerns about potential misuse, including the spread of misinformation and other forms of abuse.

(via CNN)

Tech Earnings: AI Is Top of Mind

The upcoming tech earnings season is anticipated to be eventful, with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia and others preparing to report their financial performance.

Generative AI remains a key focus, with investors eager to see returns on the significant investments made in the technology. Meta and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, will offer insights into the performance of the digital advertising market.

(via Yahoo Finance)

Meta AI Joins Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger: What To Know

Meta is integrating its chatbot, Meta AI, across its platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The chatbot, now powered by Llama 3, can generate text, answer questions, create images and more. Meta asserts that with this update, Meta AI is the "most intelligent AI assistant" available for free use.

(via CNET)

Microsoft’s VASA-1 AI Video Generation System Can Make Lifelike Avatars That Speak Volumes From a Single Photo

Microsoft has developed VASA-1, a generative AI system that can create realistic talking avatars from a single photo and audio clip. This tool, which surpasses mere mouth movement mimicry, captures lifelike emotions and produces natural movements.

With the rise of deepfake scams, Microsoft has underscored its dedication to using AI for positive purposes.

(via TechRadar)

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