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AI-Powered PR: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Your Job Easier

Learn how artificial intelligence can power your public relations strategy!

In this on-demand webinar, PR leaders share specific ways AI can make your job easier.

Our panel featured Garland Harwood, Co-Founder and Communications Strategist at Confidant, Michael Kaye, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications at Archer and OkCupid and Kelly Byrd Marín, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Notified.

They answered burning AI questions and sharing tangible tips and best practices across:

  • Written and visual content
  • Prompt writing
  • Media relations


Building the Bond Between AI and PR

Generative AI has become a game-changer across industries, and PR pros are excited about the possibilities - but many show hesitancy to dive in and use AI tools to their full potential.

Case in point: in a recent Notified/PRWeek survey of in-house and agency leaders, content creation was identified as the #1 way in which AI could be most useful. However, the majority of respondents said they aren’t devoting enough time and effort in learning how to get the most out of generative AI tools.

And that’s where our webinar comes in! We covered the following:

How to Use AI for Written Content

We shared specific ways you can use AI to create better written content, including how AI can help with articles, blog posts, emails, press releases and social media posts.

How to Use AI for Visual Content

We’re hearing that visual materials can be created better with AI than without it. We discussed the latest use cases and examples.

How to Write Better AI Prompts

The ability to write in-depth prompts is a skill PR pros will need to master. We provide expert counsel and share best practices to help guide you.

How to Use AI for Media Relations

We spent time discussing the latest insights when it comes to media pitches.

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