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AI-Powered Communications: Transforming IR and PR for the Future

Thanks to everyone in Stockholm who joined us for a thought-provoking panel discussion!

Last month, Notified brought together experts from Geelmuyden Kiese Sverige, Informatica and Vanessa Eriksson AB (along with a group of public relations and investor relations professionals) to discuss the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the communications industry.

Looking toward the future, we explored themes such as:

  • The pivotal role of governance policies during the early adoption of AI.

  • Data quality and how to ensure high-level, unbiased outputs.

  • The emergence of new business models driven by AI's handling of routine tasks.

A special thanks to our panel of Vanessa Eriksson, Simon Wallin and Sujay Dutta for sharing their expertise - and thank you to our amazing audience for their active participation in the conversations.

Keep scrolling to check out highlights from the event!


Notified CRO Dan Lotzof (left) with Vanessa Eriksson, Founder and Senior Advisor at Vanessa Eriksson AB.


The event begins with a packed audience.



Dan Lotzof speaks to the crowd in Stockholm.



“The extra time we save on AI-powered press releases can and should be spent on improving creativity and targeting, while improving the output.”

- Simon Wallin, Senior Client Director at Geelmuyden Kiese Sverige



The panel discussing the latest insights around the use of AI.



The capacity crowd was fully engaged throughout the discussion.


Sujay Dutta (far right), Strategic Business Leader at Informatica, answers a question from the audience.

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