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AI and PR: Putting Tech To Work

When it comes to artificial intelligence, a new Notified/PRWeek survey has revealed a change in attitude among public relations pros with enthusiasm for AI increasing from 32% in 2023 to 48% in 2024.

While this technology offers exciting new opportunities for corporate storytellers, it begs the questions: How should this new tech be put to work? And where do you even begin?

Our recent webinar brought together a panel of industry leaders to answer this question and more!

Featuring Adam Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer at Notified, Bevin Maguire, CCO & VP of Corporate Communications at Applied Materials and Glenn Zaccara, VP of US Media Relations at UPS, the group shared valuable insights and important insights every corporate communicator should take note of.

Keep reading to learn more - and then watch the full conversation on demand.


Bevin Maguire on AI's Evolution

Maguire addressed the changing sentiment toward AI, reflecting on how initial fears of job displacement have transformed into an appreciation for AI's efficiency.

To begin taking advantage of this tech, she advised:

  • Forming an AI Committee: And ensure communications teams are involved.

  • Continuous Learning: Spend an hour each week learning about AI while adhering to your company internal policy regarding AI.

“Large enterprises are now more comfortable with AI. Initially, there was a tendency to clamp down, but companies are figuring out how to use AI safely,” she noted.


Adam Christensen on AI's Opportunities

Christensen provided valuable insights on the evolving relationship between AI and PR. He highlighted the positive trend that came out of the recent survey, underscoring Notified's long-standing bullish stance on AI.

“The opportunity is now clearer for corporate storytellers,” he said. “We've lost the ability to dedicate enough time to truly excel at what we came into the profession for – telling powerful stories and understanding how to engage stakeholders.”

Here are some key takeaways from his perspective:

  • AI presents a clear opportunity for PR professionals - "The enormity of the storytelling task has gotten bigger and more challenging," he said. "The productivity gains from AI, like linear tasks and content generation, are great. But the bigger win is the ability to analyze data and understand what messages resonate."

  • AI can empower PR pros to become data-driven storytellers - “The bigger and more important aspect of AI is the ability to analyze data and gain insights,” he explained. “For years, we've talked about the importance of integrating data and analytical skills into PR. AI can make this a reality, giving everyone the ability to be a bit of a data scientist.”

    By leveraging AI for data analysis, PR professionals can gain a deeper understanding of their audience and tailor messages that resonate. He highlighted this ability to understand which messages resonate and track their impact as hugely positive for PR.

  • Building trust surrounding AI usage is crucial - While AI presents exciting possibilities, he acknowledged the ongoing challenge of building trust in a digital landscape filled with deepfakes and fake news. "There's still an importance placed on trust," he said. “We need to ensure we use AI responsibly and sensibly, prioritizing data security. While enthusiasm for AI is high, we must remain mindful of its ethical consequences."


Glenn Zaccara on AI as an Important Communications Tool

Zaccara said the current AI revolution reminds him of the early days of social media, describing it as an inflection point - a moment of significant change.

He urged communicators to embrace AI or risk being left behind.

"AI is both an opportunity and a challenge for communicators," he said. He encouraged PR pros to think about how they can work with AI, both offensively (utilizing its benefits) and defensively (mitigating its challenges).

He emphasized the importance for PR pros to consider AI from two angles:

  • How AI can be used offensively - To improve communication effectiveness.

  • How AI might make the jobs of corporate storytellers more difficult - By requiring new skills or changing the communication landscape.

Our webinar highlighted that while AI is becoming a vital tool in PR, the current environment offers both opportunities and challenges.

The evolving sentiment toward AI marked by increased enthusiasm and reduced nervousness signals a bright future for corporate storytellers willing to adapt and leverage this emerging technology.

Don't miss out on the full discussion. Watch the webinar on demand!

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