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[Podcast] Adam Christensen on PR's Top Pros Talk

In a recent episode of PR's Top Pros Talk, Adam Christensen, CMO at Notified, shared invaluable insights with host Doug Simon, founder and CEO of D S Simon Media, about the evolving landscape of public relations and communications.

Check out some of the top takeaways, then watch and listen on demand!

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Budget Allocation for PR vs. Marketing

Christensen discussed the shift in budget allocations over the past two decades, noting how marketing budgets have increased significantly compared to the relatively static budgets for communications.

He pointed out: "Over the last 20-plus years, they really haven't changed that much on the communications side. That budget has stayed roughly the same as a percentage of the overall corporate cost allocation, but that's not the case with marketing. The marketing budget has gone up significantly."

This difference creates a unique challenge for PR pros, who must navigate an ever more complex environment with infinite demands and finite resources.

Building Trust in the Age of Misinformation

Christensen also emphasized the enduring value of local and trusted media sources, especially in an era where misinformation is widespread.

"Local TV news is the most trusted compared to other sources. Is that an opportunity for PR people to help their clients regain that trust? How can they go about doing that?"

He continued: "One of the best inoculations against misinformation is early engagement and contact. Hearing from a company early on builds familiarity and trust over time. Local news is important because there’s a familiarity with it. Building human familiarity with stakeholders and audiences is critical.”

Embracing AI and Putting Tech To Work

Christensen also discussed the potential of artificial intelligence in transforming PR practices by enabling large-scale data analysis and rapid engagement.

"AI gives PR pros a more accessible way to do large data analysis. It allows us to identify where mistrust and challenges are happening in various areas and engage rapidly."

Investing time in understanding and applying these principles can transform your approach to corporate storytelling and drive significant results for your organization.

To dive deeper into the conversation, watch and listen on demand!

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