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10 Tips To Ensure Your Next Earnings Call is a Success

Your earnings call isn’t just a quarterly meeting for reporting financials. It’s a high-profile storytelling moment for your brand.  

While earnings calls do serve as a crucial communication channel between companies and investors - providing them with insights into the company's financial performance and future prospects – they also provide an opportunity for companies to manage investor expectations, address concerns and build brand trust and credibility. 

Knowing their importance, how can you ensure your next earnings call is a success? Follow our tips to make sure it goes flawlessly! 


How To Ensure Your Next Earnings Call is a Success

  1. Use a landline - or at least a highly reliable internet connection. You need crisp, clear audio and a connection that won’t drop. Don’t call in from a remote location - and don’t even think about using your mobile phone.  

  2. Have a backup line. With redundant connections, your conference call provider can seamlessly transition to the backup line in case of phone line or equipment failure.  

  3. Use a headset or high-quality noise-cancelling microphone. Speakerphones have poor audio quality and can pick-up all kinds of background noise like heating/cooling, traffic or construction noise. Avoid them if possible.  

  4. Limit the number of people in the room. Only include speakers and essential personnel.

  5. Run a test. Before every event, test equipment to ensure the audio is clear.  

  6. Call in early. Call in 15 minutes prior to the conference line and conduct a sound check with the operator.  

  7. Pre-record. Whenever possible, pre-record your call. This allows you to get rid of any misread words or verbal stumbles, ensuring you’re presented in the best possible light.

    If you are pre-recording your event, use the same phones for the recording sessions and live event for the best audio experience.

    Record at least 48 hours (about 2 days) before the live event to allow for edits and review. 

  8. Practice. Make sure you practice your script for maximum confidence and pitch-perfect delivery.  

  9. Send in your materials early. Provide call deliverables such as open/close script, VIP list, speaker names and pronunciations at least a day before the event. This allows the operator time to rehearse.  

  10. Be accessible. Offer captions in multiple languages, let your audience send in their questions via online Q&A functionality and, if offering a webcast experience, make sure your IR Event Platform is accessible and follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 

Bonus: If the event has a live audience, professional audio-visual equipment is recommended. An A/V team should conduct an audio check of the phone lines, equipment and microphones during setup and prior to the event start. 

Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow these tips and make your next earnings call a success! 

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Raime Merriman
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